Article Processing Charges

Authors who publish open access in Acta Metallurgica Slovaca are required to pay an article processing charge (APC). The APC price will be determined from the date on which the article is accepted for publication.

The current APC, subject to VAT or local taxes where applicable, is:


Article Processing Charge discounts are given to authors from low-income countries or lower-middle-income countries (classified by the World Bank, learn more, click:

Article Processing Charges

Publishing is not without costs. Subscription journals recoup the costs of publication by charging a fee to access the content. As Gold Open Access content is freely available the costs are defrayed through article-processing charges (APCs).

APCs are levied after article acceptance prior to publication and vary depending on the respective publisher, journal and discipline. There are also journals whose processing and publication costs are covered by other sources, for example a sponsoring party like a society, and so do not charge an APC.

What does an APC cover?

As well as permanent, immediate, and worldwide access to the full article text to be published open access under a Creative Commons license, the APC covers:

  • Editorial work: peer review, administrative support, commissioning content, journal development.
  • Technical infrastructure and innovation: development, maintenance and operation of online journal system and websites, as well as servers.
  • Production of articles: from administrating peer review to copy-editing and hosting the final article on dedicated servers
  • Marketing of journal and content: making sure readers and authors know about the work published in the title
  • Customer service: responding to authors and readers